Sales Aid Leasing

The use of a Sales Aid Leasing package will undoubtedly increase the sales performance of most organisations! The major benefits include:

Increased Sales
Selling by quoting a weekly or monthly cost will make Equipment far more attractive to a prospective customer. How many cars or houses would be sold without an attractive financing package? Probably, very few indeed.

Increased Profits
Our experience is that Customers are less inclined to haggle over the cost of Equipment when presented with a leasing option.

Improved Cashflow
Kingsway pays valid Supplier invoices within 24 hours of receipt. With average UK debtor payment times in excess of 45 days, the use of Sales Aid Leasing will provide a big boost to cash flow.

Suppliers and Dealers have a choice of carrying Kingsway’s simple leasing documentation for use at “Point of Sale”, or they can opt to leave the financing side of the transaction to Kingsway’s experienced New Business team.