Kingsway provides each Supplier or Dealer with a Leasing Rate Schedule to enable salespeople to calculate the instalments payable by each customer.

Rate schedules are designed individually for each Supplier or Dealer and take into account a number of factors such as:

  • Type of Equipment sold. 
  • Cost of Equipment sold. 
  • Typical types of Customers sold to. 
  • Kingsway’s experience of Customer payment patterns in your industry sector. Rate schedules show a monthly or quarterly price for each £1,000 of Equipment financed. It is a simple process to use the schedule to calculate an exact price for any value or lease term.

    The Rate Schedule will usually be applicable in approximately 80% of situations, but in the case of younger businesses in particular, we may seek an increased rate to cover the additional risk.

    Kingsway’s minimum value is usually £3,000 plus vat – the maximum is dictated purely by our assessment of a Customer’s creditworthiness.

    Our minimum lease term is 24 months and our maximum for most types of Equipment is 60 months.